Comfort and Joy, December 7, 2019

Our annual holiday concert had music ranging from early medieval dance (performed with a lively percussion ensemble) to gorgeous modern and contemporary works. We also honoured our veterans and their families by commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

Here are some reviews:

“The conductor’s message that music is not for entertainment, rather it is to move people, well I really experienced that!  Such a great concert!” – First time concert goer

“Thank you for inviting me to your concert. I really enjoyed it, It has been a long time since I’ve heard choral music sung and performed so well.  I measure it partly by how it transports me to places of peace and calm and joy in the face of all the world’s harsh realities. I think Shirley is an immensely talented conductor; she knows the music, she obviously inspires the choir to greatness, and she is a warm, gracious and inclusive host and MC for the audience. You can tell her I was a professional musician for 10 years, and in addition, worked in the Canadian music industry as a journalist and publicist for more than 20 years.” – First time Village Voices concert goer

“Congratulations to all on an outstanding concert yesterday!  You did a remarkable job in engaging your audience with beautiful singing in such a varied and most interesting choice of repertoire!  It was a very moving experience for us in the audience (and I’m sure you as well) to watch and listen as you melded cultural differences and similarities into hope for a better world, and including the tribute to the thousands who died in order create a safe place in the world for all peoples to exist in harmony together was icing on the cake!

The composer was delighted to hear your rendition of his challenging composition and spoke very highly of your performance yesterday as well. All the soloists and accompanists were amazing. I’m so pleased to know that Village Voices is still alive and well and thriving under the direction of your new music director! I’m proud to be a part of its past and thrilled with your determination to continue together to ensure a strong future for this wonderful group of individuals who have formed a closely-knit singing community, which Markham is lucky to have!  All the best for continued success in the future!” – From an experienced Choral Conductor

“I don’t know where to start in praise of that performance.   It was hypnotizing and resonates long after the final curtain call.  The excellent balance of the choir was never more apparent, the solo voices so suited to the haunting music.  The new director is an amazing talent to pull off such a demanding programme and I look forward to hearing what she presents in the Spring. Congratulations!” – From a new Village Voices fan

Joy of Singing, May 4, 2019

Village Voices celebrated 30 years of singing together in the Markham community! Our alumni joined us in the performance of our favourite songs. This special concert featured: Hoagy Carmichael: A Choral Portrait, Moonglow, I Could Have Danced All Night and River in Judea 

Rejoice, December 8, 2018

In December 2018, we celebrated 30 years of Christmas tradition with new and old holiday favourites and introduced our new Chamber Choir, talented voices from our group who performed some exciting new compositions.

Celebrate Love, May 12, 2018

On May 12, 2018, Celebrate Love (2:30 and 7:30pm) was a celebration of mothers, children & the journey of life and love. It featured Medley from Les Miserables by Edward Lojeski as well as some superb contemporary works including Light Everlasting by Olaf Christensen and Searching Love by Kim Andre Arnesen